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ICEBOX.ID is an electronic music platform showcasing emerging talent of underground artists and beat makers who have found their own original path to rewriting the codes of success for the new age. Established with collective value in mind, ICEBOX.ID aspires to create and elevate a community-led talent engine of the next generation of creative to achieve their greatest ambitions. Situated in the heart of Bandung, ICEBOX.ID is a cultural melting pot that aims to foster collaborations through multifaceted approach from vodcast to workshops and photoshoot to interviews. Unbox your legacy!

Why Icebox ?

A unique space where local talents could enhance their skills and network with the right tools and supports. A place where people can share their unique worldview freely in the form of content that will be handpicked based on quality every month by ICEBOX.ID to get promoted. Neutral. There is no specific electronic music genre, language, all accepted.


Showcase Original: A new platform for all digital music producers to showcase their original and never before heard tunes. ICEBOX.ID encourages and promotes originality above all else.

Collaboration/ Experimental Project: ICEBOX.ID is the place where all cultural engineers could get wild with collaborations. Embrace the unique take of fresh ideas and join heads with the likeminded talents to create something new and exciting.

Spotlight Interview: Interview sessions with the communities and prominent figures in the music industry to highlight fresh topics about profile, hot topics, music releases, unique projects and more.

Workshop: A place where all creative and artists alike could gain deeper insight about the electronic music scene from the industry insiders, up close and personal.

Talkshow/ Podcast: Is a forum discussion that discusses lots of hot topics/ news around music in a broader way, especially Indonesian music by inviting speakers and also guided by a professional host.

Making Music Video: Can be used for music video shooting if the community needs a studio or equipment to produce music, besides that they can also use an internal editor in the post production process.

Photoshoot: A studio that can be utilized for photo sessions to create album covers, artists’ profiles, press kits and others.

Gathering: A communal space where people could gather around to share experiences, communities sharing, as well as press conference.

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